Accounting Support

Entrust your accounting to our specialists, and you will save your time. We are ready to offer to our clients a full range of accounting services.

We offer the accounting support services to:

  •  ● entities;
  •  ● non-profit organizations;
  •  ● individuals;
  •  ● apartment partnerships.

Accounting support services include:

  •  ● Registration of primary documents, such as sales invoices, cash orders, bills of lading, orders, travel logs, advance reports, etc.;
  •  ● Calculation and management of salaries for employees;
  •  ● Preparation of all the required types of reports, including annual business reports, consolidated business reports, reports according to the rules of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), etc.;
  •  ● Work with the Tax Department, preparation of any types of returns required by law;
  •  ● Work with Credit Institutions, delivery of all the required reports as per requirements;
  •  ● Work with local authorities, control and declaration of local taxes and state duties;
  •  ● Work with debtors (customers, buyers), management of accounts receivable;
  •  ● Work with suppliers of goods and services, monitoring of compliance with the terms of contracts;
  •  ● Obligatory audit support in accordance with the law of the Republic of Estonia;
  •  ● Archiving of documents in accordance with the law;
  •  ● Other accounting activities.

Since September 06, 2020 Satelles Saturni OÜ is entitled to run accounting courses. This type of our activity has been accepted by the Ministry of Education (Activity report No. 217824). We would also like to inform that the Albiorix OÜ and the Satelles Saturni OÜ are working collaboratively.