Training Courses

Nowadays, continued self-education becomes very relevant and valuable because only up-to-date knowledge and experience open up a lot of opportunities for you for personal success, building a career, creating your own business.

Our courses are a convenient way to get additional professional education and professional development.

The courses include the most intensive program, so that learning is fast, interesting and efficient.

The high professionalism of the trainers who conduct the courses allows trainees to gain relevant knowledge and learn from their experience.

The most difficult sections will be explained by the trainers in the most accessible way.

We also have online courses that have become extremely popular over the past decade.

All our resources and competencies are 100% focused on the quality and relevance of training programs, and the convenience of their digestion by trainees.

Since September 06, 2020 Satelles Saturni OÜ is entitled to run accounting courses. This type of our activity has been accepted by the Ministry of Education (Activity report No. 217824). We would also like to inform that the Albiorix OÜ and the Satelles Saturni OÜ are working collaboratively.