Firms in Estonia for Non-Residents

We offer to non-residents to create their business in Estonia by incorporating a new or buying an off- the-shelf firm.

Firm in Estonia is a great perspective for the future business.

Albiorix OÜ is a licensed registrar of the firms. Number of our license: FIU000207. Purchase of an off- the-shelf firm is performed directly before the Notary, i.е. at the Notary’s office.

Albiorix OÜ conducts formalization of new companies registration in Estonia and sales of reputable operating companies, as well as of companies which have been registered but have not conducted any economic activity.

You can send us a request to purchase an operating company or to find a buyer for your company. We provide a full range of services and quick servicing to our customers; therefore, you can purchase a shelf company and start entrepreneurial activity as soon as possible. During the purchasing and registration of the company the scope of activity may be changed for free if required. We also provide assistance in receiving licenses, operating permits and VAT number. We can help you to open bank accounts and security boxes.


The advantages of the firms registered in Estonia are:

  •  ● Exemption from the payment of income tax (20%) on the retained earnings.
  •  ● When conducting the actual activity of the firm, it is possible to apply for a residence permit for a member of the management board or owner of the firm without obligation to stay within the country.
  •  ● When calculating salary and, respectively, paying taxes you acquire a right for a free medical care (if you have a residence permit).
  •  ● Upon payment of taxes, there is accumulation at your pension account, and in the future you can have a pension from the Republic of Estonia (if you have a residence permit).
  •  ● Fast online bank transfers from anywhere in the world.
  •  ● There is no blacklist of jurisdictions (offshores), transactions with which are subject to income tax.
  •  ● Banking websites have Estonian, Russian and English versions.
  •  ● Firms enjoy double tax treaties with many countries.
  •  ● Free movement of the goods and services within the EU. Trade transactions with 0% of turnover tax.
  •  ● Simple and understandable tax system.
  •  ● Full integration into the EU customs area.
  •  ● There is no need to contribute the authorized capital during the registration of the firm – all you need is to declare it.
  •  ● It is not required to hire a local resident to the governing body of the firm.
  •  ● The firm can receive any loans from its shareholder, which allows him to withdraw the gained profit in the form of interest payments without any taxes in Estonia.
  •  ● Possibility to buy real estate in the ownership of the firm without any taxes.
  •  ● Possibility to buy a car in the ownership of the firm without paying (or with refunding) VAT.

May you have a good business in Estonia and EU!